Site specific, long-term photo performance.
Kunsthaus Baselland, in context of the exhibition “It is all in the detail”,
17.08.2013 – 29.09.2013



“At the opening, you see nothing but white sheets of fine art photographic paper hanging from the ceiling. A work description informs you on the upcoming progress: from the first day of the exhibition going on until the end, the artist goes out every day to espy the surroundings of the venue with a camera. One by one, the white sheets are exchanged to photographs. With this gesture the artist aims to put an emphasis on a repetitive daily routine, as opposed to one single event – in terms of both creating and consuming art. He takes a stand against the idea that understands art as some sort of highly condensed and mediated outburst of creativity accompanied by a social gathering. He wants the viewer to be involved on a regular basis, and on a more personal level that might offer a deeper involvement and understanding.”

The title “Antidote for applebite” comments on the artists’ position on knowledge: “(…) The thing we call knowledge might in fact oppose true comprehension by offering a substitute worldly content. Knowledge is always made in/of the world, it generates and explains itself, while simulating an explanation of the absolute.“

“This “un-knowing” state can be compared to the sensation when you keep repeating the same word over and over until it loses all meaning – and becomes what it really is. That is how I relate to the world. I’m searching for access points. I’m working on a method, an approach that grants access behind the curtain. Everything is a potential medium. How does meaning emerge? When does it disappear?”